The Legend of White Snake

The Legend of White Snake 白 蛇 传

It is a love story between a white snake descended from heaven and a scholar named Xu Xian. The white snake, Bai Suzhen, had lived on earth for thousands of years after being transformed into a beautiful young lady. During the time she practiced and mastered magic powers. She still remembers the man who saved her life five hundred years ago, and she wants to repay for this before going to be an immortal. So, she had been trying for long to find Xu Xian, who previously saved her life.

Luckily, they met at the West Lake of Hangzhou city by accident. And they fell in love with each other at the first sight and got married.

Shortly after that, they set up an herbal medicine shop. Patients who were unable to pay were given free treatment and medicine and by that they were helping a lot of people for what for they got a lot of appreciation.

One day, a monk named Fa Hai passed by Hangzhou. He heard about the couple, and he realized that Bai Suzhen was a snake, so he warned Xu Xian that his wife was a white snake disguised in human form but Xu Xian didn't believe it.

So, during the Dragon Boat Festival, Xu Xian let his wife drink the Xionghuang wine which caused her to reveal her snake form. Xu Xian was frightened to death. Bai Suzhen tried all means and brought her husband back to life successfully. But unfortunately, Fa Hai managed Xu Xian to enter the Jinshan temple and restricted him from leaving.

Although Bai Suzhen was pregnant, she had to save her husband, so by help of her magic power she filled the Jinshan Temple with water and many people died. By doing this she broke the rules of heaven, for this reason, after giving birth to the baby she was confined in the Leifeng Pagoda by Fa Hai and Xu Xian became a monk of Jinshan temple .

18 years later, their son became an eminent Scholar who passed the imperial examination and came to visit his mother and got her released. Finally, the family got reunited, and both Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian became immortals

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